Palestinian refugees in Norway – living in squalor in squatter camps

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Palestinian refugees toughing it out, preferring tents to the asylum seekers center
Faith in Norway: The difference in how life pans out for Palestinians, is easy to spot and that in the heart of Oslo. While Jens Stoltenberg speaks the Palestinian cause in the UN, 23 Palestinian men live in a makeshift tent camp, 150 meters from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s (UDI) offices in Hausmannsgate 21 in Oslo. Norway’s self-imposed role as peacemaker in the Middle East has led the Palestinians to believe that Norway will take them in with open arms. In the West Bank and Gaza people  talk about Norway as “the best country in the world for human rights and democracy.” But here all of my dreams and hopes have been shattered, says Said Alhilow (23). He comes from Gaza, has lived in Norway for 18 months and has received a final rejection of the application for a residence permit, like the others in the camp. Gaza is not safe! The West Bank is not safe! I will not be the third brother who is killed in our family. I was stateless, now I’m also paperless.

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