The seventh day | Source of "Hamas" denies the "seventh day" delivery of Shalit to Cairo

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Israeli cabinet approves deal to release Gilad Shalit... meanwhile... everything is murky out there.
Media_httpwwwyoum7com_qcfgu Denied, Palestinian sources from within the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, the "seventh day" as reported on the German news agency that Egyptian security source confirmed that the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit arrived to Cairo via the Rafah crossing on Tuesday evening. وأكد المصدر الفلسطينى، ان شاليط لم يتم تسليمه إلى القاهرة حتى الآن، مشيراً إلى أن وفداً كبيراً من قيادة الحركة برئاسة خالد مشعل سيصل اليوم، الأربعاء، وأنه لا يمكن تسليم الأسير قبل وضع اللمسات النهائية وترتيب إجراءات التسليم. The Palestinian source said that Shalit had not been handed over to Cairo, so far, noting that a large delegation of the leadership of the movement led by Khaled Meshaal, will arrive today, Wednesday and that he can not deliver the prisoner, prior to finalizing and arrange delivery.
Whatever that means? I have no idea... but does it matter? Sky News (That is FOX NEWS) says Gilad Shalit was captured in Gaza.

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