Shmitten Kitten: Bonerkiller: Guys Who Act Mean As A Tactic To Get My Attention

This from some Shmitten Kitten:
I'm all for playful ribbing, but some guys catapult past lively banter and into a steaming pile of cow manure located smack dab in the middle of Insult-land. Recently a guy approached me and said that he didn't like the bow in my hair; he said that he thought that it made me look immature. Thanks, guy, for that totally unsolicited criticism. It caught me off guard to have the first words out of his mouth be so rude. What a jerk! I told him that I didn't give a shit what he thought and that I liked it just fine. He proceeded to argue with me about my little hair accessory and then moved on to criticizing my skirt too. "Are you done," I asked while giving him the evil eye. Nope! He wasn't done: he then asked for my phone number. That's when it dawned on me that this mean guy thing was a calculated schtick. It must've been some kind of move he read about in a book about how to pick up women or something. EW! GROSS! WTF! BOO! DO NOT WANT! FUCK THAT NOISE! I'm not sure if this approach has ever worked out for him, but it sure as shit wasn't going to work on me. I did not give him my number, in case you were wondering. Holy hell, mean guys are the worst.
Noah David Simon said...
ok... yeah so? it works though. admit it. women want assholes... and when they get it they go wet between the legs. Maybe later when they realize what happened they get together and call men pigs, but you are the ones that reinforce the behavior. If you didn't like it, then men would stop. I remember watching a commercial that told women to not have sex with conservative men... and Obama won the election... when you girls want to put your minds to it and act like the Nanny state that you really are then you change the world... usually for the worse, but I know you gals have the power to make guys behave. But I'll tell you what... I like porn a whole lot and have pretty much given up on women all together because you are such bullshit... but I've decided this... it isn't worth being an asshole... I'm not getting laid anyway because I'm a Conservative Jew who supports Israel.
Anna said...
Are you drunk? Your comment was bizarre, incoherent, and inappropriate. Have fun with your porn, dude!
October 6, 2011 11:53 PM
Noah David Simon said...
if you are sincere here you won't get laid Chris. You have to be an asshole to get nookie with the feminists. How is the world working for you? Got a job? Don't answer that... (that was me being mean... some vaginas already got excited.)

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