Two Black American women pick on the wrong McDonalds employee to try and beat up.

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(h/t Eye On The World)(New York) Two Black women who abused and attacked a McDonalds employee in Greenwich Village (who offended them by checking a $50 note they handed over,) must have felt really empowered when their victim ran away, Which is why they made the huge mistake of jumping behind the counter in which to beat up on 31 year old Rayon McIntosh. The problem for these two wonderful ladies was that, Ryan wasn't running away in fear, rather he was running away in which to arm himself and when they next faced Ryan, he gave them what for with an Iron bar. Of course being thick as two short planks after he knocked them down and told them to remain down, they didn't listen and Ryan had to physically explain a number of times 'what stay down' means in English. A fractured skull and broken arm later 31 year Ryan has been charged on a felony assault charge and possession of a deadly weapon. The two ladies were also charged on menacing, trespass and disorderly conduct charges.
This apparently is not the first time this location was subject to violence. When I did a Google search for Greenwich Village McDonalds I found this image because there was a recent Gay bashing incident here in March. If I were head of the NYPD I would have more officers at this specific location. It isn't McDonald's fault. Any business in this location would have the same problem. I know it well.i'm lovin' it!

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