Brotherhood sites hacked and shut down by Anonymous group

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(h/t Bat Zion) ( The Muslim Brotherhood websites were attacked yesterday by hackers claiming to be from the “Anonymous” international hacking group.
The hacking group had made an announcement Tuesday in which they threatened to launch “Operation Brotherhood Takedown,” on all Brotherhood sites at 8pm on Friday, 11 November.
Media_httpuploadwikim_aheoiThe Brotherhood claimed in a statement released on Saturday morning that the attacks were coming from Germany, France, Slovakia and San Francisco in the US, with 2000-6000 hits per second.
According to the MB, the attacks began at 6pm on Friday with the worst assault against the group’s official website, Ikhwanonline, with 120 thousand hits per second.
The hackers later escalated their attack on the site to 380 thousand hits per second.
Under the overload, four of the group’s websites were forced down temporarily.
Anonymous is made up of a group of unidentified hackers who have previously attacked Israeli, Russian and NATO sites.
Real Equal Opportunity Terrorist Anarchists would shoot themselves in the head. I have yet to see anything constructive that these guys have done. When will they actually build something as opposed to make the world wish they were still writing everything by hand? This was a public relations move after they attacked Israel. It was a sign of equivalences. Israel is not the Muslim Brotherhood. The next group to laugh like Nelson from the Simpsons when Anonymous hacks some entity will be the next victim. These guys need to be stopped. They obviously are growing because people think they are heroes. By attacking both the Jews and the Muslim Brotherhood they are showing signs to the public that they think they are superior to the rest of us. Who made them King of the Apes? They did. Anonymous really seems to think their shit smells better then the rest of us because they don't take a side and attacked all parties. It is regretful that they are now attacking terrorist groups. For one thing online activity makes it easier to monitor the Muslims. For another thing the Brotherhood will retaliate by claiming to have found Anonymous members and probably merely only have some kid with a Western haircut and an iPad. If you know so much about networks... do something constructive with the knowledge.

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