Harvard Elite 99% ONLY

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A gated community only occupation. that would make sense... since most of them are Palestinian sympathizers that refuse to acknowledge that Palestine is JEW FREE like NAZI GERMANY. See how you like the dirty rapist hippies on your campus?
(ibloga) Harvard students are “occupying” the Yard to protest how the 1 percent keep the 99 percent in economic servitude. But the Crimson protest against capitalist oppression is by invitation only, and all the gates on campus have been locked, chained and padlocked to keep out the real 99 percent? Occupy Harvard? It’s more like Occupy Gated Community. Harvard claims they locked the yard to keep out non Harvard students. Now nobody can walk across the Yard unless he has a Harvard ID. They tried something like this in Arizona, and as I recall everyone at Harvard denounced SB 1070 as racism, as in, “They’re checking papers in Arizona!"

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