Iranian Movie about some kind of Jew Bomb

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Notice the play to feminist sensibilities. There is a prayer in Judaism that in fact thanks G-d for one being a man. A lot of penis haters like to bring it up without understanding the context of how it is used. I for one am very happy I never have to give birth, but a lot of Womynists use it as an example of sexism. The Iranians must have some pretty upscale consultants from the left to put together this production.


From MEMRI: Title: "Saturday Hunter"

Woman: I_am_Jacqueline, your beautiful nurse. Cut to another scene Rabbi Hanan to grandson Benjamin: You should be grateful to God that He did not create us as women. Cut to another scene Rabbi Hanan to woman: In order to fend off immorality, I hereby purify this woman. Cut to another scene Rabbi Hanan: This is the rule of Hanan. Cut to another scene Rabbi Hanan: Marry me. Woman: I can't. Rabbi Hanan: I will buy you God's paradise for all eternity. God, shave all our sins away from our skins and our bones. Woman: But I am a Christian. I don't understand the Jews. Rabbi Hanan: We don't insist on religious women. Cut to another scene Title: "Saturday Hunter" Rabbi Hanan to Arab: We are the children of Abraham. Now, who are you? Cut to another scene Benjamin: In the Holy Book it is written that killing is forbidden. Rabbi Hanan: You idiot, the killing of Jews is forbidden. We seek peace. Footage of battlefield We are civilized people Footage of battlefield This is war, you infidels. Don't you get it? It's war. Footage of battlefield The whole world is waiting for you in silence. Benjamin: Oh, God! Rabbi Hanan: God waits for you in silence as well. Footage of battlefield Rabbi Hanan: You must not betray the Jews. Palestinian: I never want to taste failure or humiliation. There is nowhere for you to flee. They will kill you. Cut to another scene Rabbi Hanan: Never reveal your inner thoughts to anyone.

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