Peres: Rabin and I had our differences but got results

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Peres y Rabin, sur del Libano, 1984
The differences were that Peres lied to Rabin about Arafat and got him killed
(YNET/Ronen Medzini) President Shimon Peres launched the events marking the 16th anniversary of the murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Speaking in Jerusalem, Peres said: "We will never forget how you left us, through the boulevard of hate and incitement, within a landscape of incendiary posters calling for violence. You were not alarmed. You did not retreat. You did not stop marching forward."

Peres noted that "it is no secret that we had our differences, which caused both you and me a great deal of sorrow. Yet at the foundation we had a true common vision that bore far reaching results."

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