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perhaps the European Union and the United Nations breaking international law is a bitter pill that will wake us up. If they really condemn a Jewish Jerusalem officially then the promise of an arbitrating party is gone. Forcing Israel into an agreement with full knowledge that there could never be one was wrong, but if the mediator itself is guilty of reneging then any responsibility to follow another power's idea of the road to peace is gone. Since Israel has military power a stiff upper lip might help the state. There is obvious abuse here and Israel has no need for clockwork diplomacy once this happens.

(IsraelNN.com) Deputy Defense Minister Danny Ayalon said Saturday that if the European Union reaches a unilateral decision regarding Jerusalem, Israel will no longer be committed to agreements made after Oslo.

"Just as the Romans could not disconnect Israel from Jerusalem, so diplomats from the UN and the EU will not be able to do so,” he said. “If unilateral decisions are reached this will be a breaking of the rules and Israel will no longer be committed to agreements and arrangements made since Oslo.” In such a case, “Israel will have legitimacy to take unilateral steps,” he added.

Ayalon also spoke about the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, “who refused to accept the far-reaching offers of the previous government, knows that he will not receive more than that from the present government,” he said.

Ayalon said that “it appears [Abbas] does not really want peace, and is trying to accuse Israel of refusing to push the peace process forward.”

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