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hmmm... dad has been screaming that I should run through the system to get healthcare. It didn't help when I tried to get welfare. They just don't like white boys from Liberal Media families I guess. Too bad Dad didn't vote Republican so that I could have a job with healthcare... like the one he took... um... yeah. funny how that worked out. Looks like Dad is going to come face to face with his own politics.

During the best of times, acting in film is a precarious way to make a living. Not complaining just stating a fact. Medical insurance and pension benefits are not guaranteed to Union (SAG) members, but qualified for by accruing, yearly, ever increasing amounts of earnings. The more you work the more likely you are to qualify and, conversely, the less you earn the more likely you are to find yourself and your family without.Enter humanitarian, caring and defender of the common man, Oliver Stone.

Stone wrapped shooting “Wall Street 2,” here in Manhattan, a couple of weeks ago. He decided that his monied (in some cases multi-millionaire) friends deserved the jobs, that might have made the difference between real SAG actors (or as he identifies them, “starving actors”) qualifying for pension and medical insurance or going without.

On some shoot days, as many as 100 of his “Upper East Side Friends” put trained, professional actors on the unemployment line.

Like most of his fellow travelers, in Hollywood and elsewhere, this is the old “Love the Masses and Hate the People,” that is the hallmark of such champions of compassion.

If you haven’t seen this in the media, don’t be surprised. They take care of their own.

Oliver Stone to New York Acting Community: “Drop Dead“!

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