Why doesn't FOX News have a competitor?

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Question: if FOX News is so profitable and is America's favorite News, then why isn't there a competitor?

Answer: because the profit from NEWS doesn't come from advertising. the NEWS is public relations for internationalist corporations who profit from American weakness and growth in foreign markets and labor. MSNBC and CNN might look like commercial enterprises, but they aren't as concerned with advertising revenue as they are with brainwashing you into subservience. more debt makes your voice weak. keep on spending on those well intending social programs. by the time America figures out what is up we won't have a voice.

I believe the press is the press because it is profitable. I believe FOX is alone because it is not. the part of FOX that makes money is the tabloid part of it. the Hollywood gossip. and CNN is eating away at that with the new incarnation of Headline News and Nancy Grace. Right Wing only can profit from advertising and that is the least profitable part of a new network. NBC served as propaganda for General Electric until this was exposed and it proved unprofitable to be associated. profit in the news exists for public relations to government. Time Warner and CNN have to do business with government to lay their wires down... same with the present owners of NBC which is now Comcast. Fox has stayed away from that business plan by excelling in the Satellite programming business. it is only a matter of time before AT&T and Verizon attempt to get their own propaganda unit.

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