Twitter: Bring Back Noah David Simon!

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please unsuspend this account. I have a brand name across the internet with the name NoahDavidSimon on each social network. people go to twitter looking for me and see a message that this account is suspended. I understand there were differences early on regarding terms that had not existed concerning what an account can retweet and what is spam, but considering a network had never existed like twitter before with an account that could break contemporary terms I am asking for leniency. there is a group on facebook with supporters behind my request: the reason these people are asking for you to do the right thing is because I am a positive member of my community and considering the recent issue of Iranian hackers on twitter we should look at those who early on were responsible for architectural in-fractures as heroes and not ostracized with suspended accounts. this should not be a personal issue between any administration at twitter and should be about what is the right thing to do with a person's name which is out there on the internet for search.
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