So Sad, Too Bad: Egypt Thwarts Anti-Israel Americans’ Christmas Protest

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Given that Palestinian Christians (and every other sort of Arab Christian) are under attack from the Muslims around them (as I detailed last week and do every Christmas), it’s kind of comical to read the story of Dorothy Ritter.

gosh I just love it when Debbie tells me these stories that have a happy ending ;-)


Israel-Hating Hags Dorothy Ritter & Kim Redigan Failed

Ritter, a Dearbornistan Christian “chick” (who looks like she has season tickets to the WNBA if ya know what I mean),


...wasted her Christmas flying to the Gaza Strip to protest the “evil Zionist Israelis.” She went there not to protest the persecution, killings, bombings, and other violent attacks by Gaza Palestinian Muslims on Christians (which have driven almost all of the Palestinian Christians out of Gaza), but to protest Israel for “blockading” Gaza from getting terrorist supplies and reinforcements.

here is the proof that the people of Gaza are starving and suffering...

If the animals in Gaza actually dared to stop their violent attacks and murders of innocent civilians, they wouldn’t be blockaded. This is war. You don’t help your sworn enemies blow you up.

But the joke was on this brushcut-encrusted Ellen-Degeneres-in-twenty-years-look-alike. After wasting Christmas and flying halfway around the world, she was prevented from engaging in her silly “protest” by the Egyptians. Same for Dearbornistan Heights-based Kim Redigan, another brushcut idiot who spent Christmas trying to protest against Israel, but failed epically.

So sad, too bad. I hope the falafel was good. . . and I wish them a pleasant Flight 253 back to Detroit, or better yet, a deliciouslunch in Tul Karem,” before they leave for home.

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