Iran holding Osama bin Laden family members?

Iran holding Osama bin Laden family members?

From al Jazeera:

Iranian authorities are holding several family members of Osama bin Laden, according to Abdul Rahman bin Laden, the al-Qaeda leader's second son.

In an interview published on Al Jazeera Arabic's website on Monday, Abdul Rahman bin Laden said that Eman, his sister, one of his stepmothers and five of his brothers have been detained in Tehran since 1997

He alleged that his sister had managed to escape several weeks ago while on a shopping tour permitted by authorities every six months.  She has since taken refuge in the Saudi Arabian embassy.

Abdul Rahman bin Laden said that he had been unaware whether his relatives were alive until Eman contacted him a month ago.  He then told her to go to the Saudi embassy.  He told Al Jazeera that he was concerned for his sister's health and he called on Tehran to release his relatives.  He also called for the Saudi government to ensure his sister's departure from the country.

Hussein Shobokshi, a columnist for the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq Alawsat, told Al Jazeera that the discovery Iran was holding members of bin Laden's family was consistent with reports "that Iran has been able to infiltrate al-Qaeda operations".

"They have been hosting key figures in the leadership structure of al-Qaeda for some time and they have been co-operating visibly with them in Iraq, Yemen and Somalia amongst other places," he said.  (Ed. note: Meanwhile, the world turns a blind eye to this soon to go nuclear state sponsor of terror.)

But Abdul Rahman bin Laden cited poor relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran for the reason no agreement had been reached over freeing his relatives. "My siblings are innocent and have nothing to do with other people's disputes with our father," he said.

Abdul Rahman bin Laden and his siblings are the children of the al-Qaeda leader's first wife.

Abdul rahman bin laden as child Happier times --->

"Fatima, Sa'ad, Omar, Mohammed, Osman and Abdul Rahman Osama arranged for his first daughter, Fatima, to be married to a Saudi fighter at age 12. Her husband died in the American attacks on Afghanistan two years later."

According to this report, Abdul Rahman bin Laden "found it difficult to regain Saudi nationality after it was revoked and now lives quietly in Syria".

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