Shiloh Musings: President sic Abbas: World Must Recognize 1967 Borders Reference for Negotiations


President sic Abbas: "World Must Recognize 1967 Borders Reference for Negotiations." So, nu, if that's the case, what's the point of negotiations?

Hat tip IMRA

As I've blogged previously, I've been watching a series of old World War Two newsreels and documentaries on the same subject with my father. It's outrageous, unbelievable and frightening to think of how totally and tragically incompetent and unrealistic the American military and politicians were until they were attacked. Even when the masses of Japanese planes were spotted flying to Hawaii, the "experts" ordered the observers to "disregard." Just like Yom Kippur 1973!

There are times one shouldn't obey orders!

And even though Hitler kept repeating that Germany is going to take over the world, Europe kept negotiating "peace in our time."

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