Who is to blame? Tiger Woods or the mistresses


Here's Robin Givhan, at the Washington Post, "The Tiger Woods Scandal is a Tale of Sex -- and Sexism":

"while Woods is being portrayed as complicated and troubled, the women are merely types. Golf fans muse over whether Woods's reputation can be salvaged, whether it should be salvaged. The women are just "the mistresses." The golfer has been called a dog, a liar and worse. But he still gets the benefit of being perceived as an individual. He is still Tiger Woods"

compare that to this analysis:

Mary Grabar, who addresses the glorification of sexual conquest (and repudiation of traditional morality) among young women today. See "Why Are Tiger's Women Getting a Pass?":
"But while these women will enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame, they will feel a sense of emptiness inside. As these women slip into middle age they will find that their false sense of empowerment has faded, with the men now able to pick and choose. The tables will be turned and many will end up alone, in a “sisterhood” not by choice.

But a man-less future is what the radical feminists wanted all along. That’s why “home-wrecker” holds no currency anymore."

hmm when it comes to guilt you can't offer to cut that baby in half now can you Solomon?
....oh wait Sol had a lot of lady friends too.

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