Media Blackout hid the fact that Saudi Embassy attacked as same time as Israeli embassy

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The new Saudi Embassy being built in Cairo... whaaa??

...(Eygpt) Over the weekend, while the world's media made huge stock over how the flat below the Israeli embassy in Cairo had been ransacked (what is it with the left's hatred of the Jews?), it has been revealed that the Saudi Embassy was also attacked and overrun by hoards of peaceful Muslims. I quote from SKY TV:
Not many people know this, but the Israeli Embassy was not the only one attacked in Cairo last weekend.
The Embassy of Saudi Arabia was also stormed by a mob. Strangely the Egyptian media mostly kept quiet about it. The Muslim Brotherhood, which welcomed the assault on the 'murderous Nazi Jewish invaders' had nothing to say about the Saudi incident. Several cars were set alight but there was only minor damage to the building.
Now this is where it gets silly. You see, the only two countries which reported this at the time were... Iran and Russia. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
But the Saudis are getting a new building anyway... but if you look at the comments on the new embassy one gets the idea that the Egyptians are not very happy with the Saudis.

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