Friend of my Family playing Piano in Tehran?


an obviously sad situation. friend of my family playing piano in Tehran. he's there with his German girl friend.

"A compelling recitalist. Consistently interesting... consistently thoughtful... a vivid imagination.
Filled with character... fresh ideas...
a magnificent technique.
He put the music first without fail,
the sign of a genuinely valuable artist."
-The New York Times
"Intense... stylish... warm, elegant, unaffected musicianship. A fine technique and an inquisitive spirit."

- The New Yorker he is at the Simon's a few months ago
and here he is playing my mother's piano

I warned the guy not to go and said it was an insane idea. he said he had relatives and family still there. it was my mother who first posted this, so I do not have to feel responsible for identifying him online as a friend of Jews.  He is an atheist, but I really don't feel he gets it... and how did the Iranian government let this guy into the country?

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