Tom Friedman of the NYTimes: Many people in the US are fed up with Israel

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America is fed up alright. they are fed up with the New York Times. No one is reading it. It is on life support from some Lebanese guy named Carlos Slim who owns Telecom Companies in Mexico and Central America. The rates of this Telecom are the worst proportionately to income in the world. Essentially you are listening to a voice that is the equivalent to the public relations of your worst enemy. They even have Lebanese tourist ads in the Magazine section... I recorded that on video. This man is very out of touch. He speaks for the same Corporate types who are finding loopholes for multinational companies like Google, facebook and the rest of communications. These people in these positions are notoriously out of sync with what the people think. I'm not saying the public is right or genius, but they are not reading the New York Times (which ain't genius either) and anything written there is ignored. The few people who do swallow the ravings of the paper are dedicated with religious fervor, but they scare most of us in America.
In an interview broadcast on Saturday, New York Times columnist Tom Friedman told Israel's Channel 2 television that many people in the United States are fed up with Israel.
New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman said that many Americans are becoming "fed up" with Israel. Friedman's comments came in an interview with Channel Two reporter Dana Weiss aired on Saturday.
Friedman stated that while the American public was by no means anti-Israel, they no longer care about the Israeli-Arab conflict and this could eventually hurt Israel's national security interests, as the US is Israel's only friend.
Friedman added that he believes Israel is not doing the utmost to promote renewed peace talks with the Palestinians. Friedman derided Israel's calls for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in exchange for a renewed freeze on construction in the settlements that could revive peace talks. He jokingly said that Israel is asking for "Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] to sing Hatikva [Israel's national anthem] in perfect Yiddish."
The New York Times columnist also lamented the fact that young American Jews are drifting away from Israel.
Friedman's comments followed a controversial op-ed entitled "Just Knock it Off" that appeared in Tuesday's New York Times in which he said "Israel today really is behaving like a spoiled child."
People are more savvy then the media claims. they know who the enemy is. they might not realize that the Left, the "Green" and the Libertarians are funded by the very oil money they claim to detest so much... but nothing is better for oil profit then the editorial of the Times.

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