Dalia Rabin: My father might have stopped Oslo

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"Many people who were close to father told me that on the eve of the murder he considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was running rampant in the streets and that Arafat wasn't delivering the goods.  Father after all wasn't a blind man running forward without thought.  I don't rule out the possibility that he considered also doing a reverse on our side.

After all he was someone for whom the security of the state was sacrosanct.
So they say that Oslo brought Arafat and gave them rifles and caused the
intifada. But historical processes develop, change and flow. It is
impossible to take a person murdered in '95 and judge him according to what
happened in 2000."

Dalia Rabin, daughter of PM Yitzchak Rabin
Interviewed in the Seven Days magazine supplement of Yediot Ahronot
8 October 2010
[Translation by IMRA]

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