Romancing Livni

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“Israel has a prime minister whose policies
have no connection to what
he promised during the election,”
Livni said. “It’s all due to pressure.
Because he lacks the courage
to stand up to his ministers
and insist on differentiating between
the settlement blocs and isolated settlements,
he has shifted the international debate
to [territories] that we once took for granted.”

...“A responsible leader helps
our friends around the world
and does not embarrass them.
The president of the United States
wanted two months of quiet
and Netanyahu responded
with a shameful request to
receive something to persuade
the right-wing parties
in his government.”
Regarding Netanyahu’s decision
not to cave in to pressure from
US President Barack Obama
to extend the 10-month
West Bank moratorium on housing

The Likud responded that
“Livni has already proven that she is ready
for huge concessions at the
expense of Israel’s interests,
especially with UN Resolution 1701
that she initiated to end the Second Lebanon War,
which allowed the rearming of Hizbullah
with tens of thousands of Iranian missiles.
Netanyahu will make sure
such strategic mistakes are not repeated.”

The Prime Minister’s Office denied a report on Wednesday that Prime Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu had asked President Shimon Peres to pressure Kadima leader
Tzipi Livni to join the coalition.

A report in Wednesday’s Yediot Aharonot said Netanyahu had met secretly with Peres for more than three hours over dinner on Monday night. It said they had analyzed the political situation and the challenges of the current US-Israel relationship and that Netanyahu had asked the president for help with Livni.
This is why I not a Romantic Guy
Kadima Ain't a Cheap Date:
She seems to be holding out
for Obama.  Maybe she is afraid of
putting out on the first date...
or maybe and more likely
...she is just frigid.

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