Jimmy Carter Blames Obama's Failure on THE MEDIA!

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Carter to offer his assessment of Barack Obama’s performance as president.
“Tell me something, what do you think of Obama?” Behar asked. “What do you think of the job his doing? His approval ratings are not great in terms of the job even though personally people seem to like him very much. What’s your opinion of the job he’s doing?”

Behar was correct to point out that Obama’s approval ratings have suffered over the past 10 months. But according to Carter, despite “an extraordinary job” by Obama, it is the media’s fault his numbers have suffered – not a poor economy or any other lackluster outcomes from the president’s policies.

“I think under the circumstances that I just described, he’s done an extraordinary job,” Carter said. “He’s got some good things done. They’ve been totally twisted around by some of the irresponsible news media to project him as a person that he’s not and as we all know.”

By several metrics, it has been shown that Obama has gotten favorable media coverage – even better than his predecessors in the early days of his presidency according to the Pew Research Center. Still Carter compared his struggles to secure his own party’s nomination while he was president in 1980 to that of the present-day political environment. According to Carter, Obama hasn’t had the aid of the Republican Party that he had, although that same Republican Party later propelled Ronald Reagan to the presidency.

“But I think that under the circumstances, he’s done a fine job,” Carter continued. “Thirty years ago -- 25 years ago, when I was in the White House, I had superb support from the Republicans. In fact, I had an opponent then, Ted Kennedy, who’s running against me in my own party. And he took away a lot of the support among the very liberal Democrats. I had to turn to the conservative and moderate Democrats and Republicans. They turned out in both parties and helped me a lot. That’s something President Obama has not had.”

yeah... I remember that the "LEFT" which then were JEWS hated Jimmy Carter.  The Jews back then were Leftists because they thought it meant they were against Anti-Semitism and what not... come out and say the TRUTH JIMMY!  It was the Jews... my family who realized what you were about.  You were able to sound folksy to the 70s equivalent of the Tea Party... but let's face it... when you say the far LEFT.... you are talking about the Zionists who then switched sides and supported Reagan because they felt betrayed by you.  The funny thing about Carter.... is that he has gotten so old that we catch him in his CODE LANGUAGE.  It was always there, but now that he is older we can see right through it.

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