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Really Lame Narrative... Don't even bother to click and see it:
Don't make this another election where claims are left unchecked. Even if you vote Democrat you should have this information available. We really don't want to see more voter fraud because we are afraid to question the powers that be. You should also know that the Tea Party was started by many Hillary Clinton leaning Democrats during the primary in 2008. I know because I got into frictions with the early Tea Party movement on twitter... which was also very Anti-Israel and centered a lot of their energy towards cutting off aid to Israel. Do not confuse the Tea Party with Dick Cheney. The Republicans did not move into the movement till after they lost the election. The early Tea Party was against the war. The Tea Party was very against Bush who ran up a debt of 3 trillion as compared to Obama's 8 trillion. What is depicted in this video is disingenuous at best and probably an orchestrated lie.

(1) most of the Ron Paul people voted for Obama and felt betrayed. they are not Neo Conservative.

(2) just because a government is hostile to oil drilling doesn't mean the government doesn't use those same oil company failures to extract money for the government. We have seen that with BP. this argument against oil is part of the problem here. people against so called global warming DO realize the claims being made and understand the small changes in temperature are not drastic changes. that denies a correlative that those small changes were fraudulent data and we have not seen any new data to convince us otherwise.

(3) most tea party people I met were lesbians. this is a fraudulent portrayal of them. one Tea Party person I had to block was @MayorSam on twitter. she is also on facebook. this leftist somehow fuses two unlike people. What is even stranger is the way the dog seems to do the majority of talking. In the conservative version the feminist leftist does more talking. how is that? how is it that both the leftists xtranormal and the conservative xtranormal both allow the leftist to dominate and do the majority of the talking? how is that?

(4) The Tea Party movement is not hostile to Islam. that is the biggest lie here. In fact their leaders are Hezbollah financiers. Jack Abramoff's friend Grover Norquist is case in point. or should I mention Jihad Darrel Issa who is a major leader of the Tea Party and a defender of Lebanon because.... da dum! he is Lebanese? Islam is not hostile to the Tea Party... and vice versa. There is a reason I have been attacking the Tea Party all year.

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