Weiner Calls for Removal of More than 700 Terrorist Videos on YouTube

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New York City – Today, in a letter to YouTube CEO Chad Hurley, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D – Queens and Brooklyn) called for the removal of terrorist videos featuring Anwar al-Awlaki, dubbed the “Bin Laden of the Internet,” who is using the site to find new recruits and promote radical Islamic extremism and violent jihad against Americans.
An examination by Weiner’s office found that al-Awlaki, who shares dual citizenship between the United States and Yemen, has appeared in over 700 videos on YouTube with a combined 3.5 million views.
“We are facilitating the recruitment of homegrown terror,” Weiner said. “There is no reason we should give killers like al-Awlaki access to one of the world’s largest bully pulpits so they can inspire more violent acts within our borders, or anywhere else in the world.”
wow... it is like as if Wiener and his Muslim wife just woke up to the issue.
perhaps he should speak to the activists online that actually DO deal with this issue and get laughed at by social media administrators at facebook, twitter and Youtube.
...you know? like theJIDF.org ???
remember them? they were the ones who warned everyone... and the whole world got sophmoric about the Constitution. maybe because the perception was that these "terrorists" only kill Jews?
now the politicians... even the unlikely ones are getting on the ball.
please give David Appletree a little credit... he worked hard while most of the social media A list on twitter were partying it up at SXSW with a Keffiyeh  wearing skin head group.

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