I'm starting to get the Mormons

I think I'm starting to get why the Mormons are Mormons. They were progressives that wanted to explain the flaws in life. Why were men cheating on their wives? Why are black men slaves? and their findings were offensive to the mainstream. When Mormons believe black people are cursed, they don't mean it in a bad way and when Mormons take more then one wife they mean to protect women from abuse. Romney will probably be our next president. We had better start understanding them. I'm not Mormon, but I'm starting to get what it is about. This is offensive I'm sure to Mormons, but I believe Mormon theology is closer to Buddhism then Judaism. Any man can become a God. I'm not saying to convert, but I fail to see why Buddhism is so hip in NYC and Mormons are like chopped liver. If what I'm saying is offensive, I apologize. I'm not a believer, but I refuse to think that this religion's followers mean harm to me. I'm trying to understand it as best I can... and from my background... which does not interpret the Torah literally. I'm not a hater. I even voted for Romney last time in the primaries. I just am having a hard time getting his beliefs.

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