Obama's Public Relations. Very Effective

I can see how he got elected. Too bad his priorities are all off. He isn't speaking to America. He is speaking to the Huffington Post.

Why speak to a few elite liberals and not the people? Because the majority of people don't care. The majority of people want to be told what to do and the few nerds online is where they will go. I can criticize Obama in many spheres (most of all in that his priorities are poorly placed), but when he talks about what he wants to get done and what he failed to get done... it isn't as if I think he did nothing at all. What I think is the things he got done should not of been his focus. He made the wrong compromises and I want to put someone in who cares about my job. I'm unemployed. I'm male. I have a kid. I have no future and the progressive ladies are laughing at me because the liberal rhetoric has literally taken my job away and given it to those without a penis. It sounds absurd. It sounds pathetic. It is. That is what this country did. What is more they borrowed eight trillion dollars and most of it coming from my enemies to do it. Did any of it go to anything positive? Sure! I'd like the ladies to be employed, but not by monopolizing jobs that men are better at when their segment of the market is healthy. I'm only talking about economics because he is... I won't even go into foreign policy issues where Obama's strategy is a big fail in every way. My basic point though... Obama is damn good at talking. We already knew that however.

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