September 11th 2001

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our enemies flip around everything. even the very meaning of September 11th. I was on an airplane a few days after 9/11 and was arrested because I was muttering to myself in annoyance about Islamic terrorism. it was obvious that I was angry that violent Jihadists had attacked America, but the morons at the airport in Mexico twisted the story as a reason to suspect that a Jewish kid was a terrorist himself

back story here:
I also was accused of terrorism (not once, but twice)

on an Airplane flying home from Mexico to New York City a little after September 11th.... it was very hard to get any "LEFTISTS" to feel any sympathy because the "LEFT" had been radicalized by Bush. Also it is hard to get the "LEFT" to feel any sympathy for people who don't share their destructive agenda. I wasn't a big name... but I was accused of terrorism and I'm not a Muslim. It also didn't help that the experience led me to abuse vices. the whole thing is meant to be a comic book... unfortunately when I was writing it I was high as a kite... so it can be a little hard to read at times. The entire experience was real... and the stress of it did not lead to coherent art. I have now been sober for years... so my brain is clear. I am going to be working on a new version... that will be easier to read.

I don't claim to be an angel in the story... but here is the outline:
I was confused during the attack in 2001 as a terrorist. It is in no way a critique of the U.S. government. At that point in politics it had not yet been made clear that it was an attack by Muslims (mostly originating from Saudi Arabia). I had been staying the month in Mexico and on hearing about the attack in New York, I wanted to go back to my family. It was before 9/11 and I left for Mexico naively without a passport... many third world countries were convinced that the attack had been perpetrated by Israel, and I as a Jew was under suspicion. It was the U.S. state department that saved me. As a result I felt reconciled with my country (I was angered by the election of 2000 in Florida). At this point in my life I had a lot of anger. As a result I had regressed to habitual Marijuana use that often blurred my judgement. I was feeling betrayed by my country and family and I in no way endorse my actions involving illegal narcotics... beyond the fact that it was a very confusing time for me. My family comes from a left wing point of view and often times our politics come into conflict with our needs.

later that month....

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