Fidel Castro Takes Blame for Persecution of Cuban Gays

I'm going to take a pause for a second and congratulate Fidel on coming clean on something, but the admission is so little compared to how many non gay lives he has destroyed.

Fidel Castro Takes Blame for Persecution of Cuban Gays

BBC: Fidel Castro has said that he is ultimately responsible for the persecution suffered by homosexuals in Cuba after the revolution of 1959.
The former president told the Mexican newspaper La Jornada that there were moments of great injustice against the gay community.
"If someone is responsible, it's me," he said.
In the 1960s and 70s, many homosexuals in Cuba were fired, imprisoned or sent to "re-education camps".
Mr Castro said homosexuals had traditionally been discriminated in Cuba, just as black people and women.
But, nevertheless, he admits he didn't pay enough attention to what was going on against the gay community.
"At the time we were being sabotaged systematically, there were armed attacks against us, we had too many problems," said the 84-year-old Communist leader.
"Keeping one step ahead of the CIA, which was paying so many traitors, was not easy."
In 1979, homosexuality was decriminalised and, more recently, there have been efforts to legalise same-sex unions. >>> | Tuesday, August 31, 2010
Asking for an apology from a guy who destroyed lives for a half a century and more is a joke. Do you think Fidel would come clean about what he did to the state of Israel and about his empathy for fascism?

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