The Liberal Lynch Mob Comes for the Jews Again

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We're still being lynched. And when the left supports our lynchers and then wonders why the ADL is honoring Murdoch, rather than Cindy Sheehan, why it's not a supporter of the Mosque at Ground Zero and why it highlights hate against Jews-- the answer is really obvious. The ADL is fairly liberal, but so is Anti-Semitism today. 
The left traffics in screeds not too different from those that helped cause Frank's death. These days it's just Muslims who carry out the actual lynchings, while the Democrats and the Liberals mostly stay home, except when they're driven to visit Gaza, and condemn the Jewish state. Once again the "working class solidarity" of the left becomes a front for promoting bigotry and conspiracies, that lead to murder.
The lynching of Leo Frank is invoked by Love to argue that the ADL has strayed from its roots by supporting Republicans. But let's remember who the Knights of Mary Phagan, who organized the lynch of Leo Frank, really were. Joseph Mackey Brown was a Democrat. Eugene Herbert Clay was a Democrat. E.P. Dobbs was a Democrat. But not just any Democrats. They were former Mayors and Governors. Prominent Democrats.
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