Falk's 'apology'

Media_http3bpblogspot_wdqcgWe must . . .. treat animals with as much respect as possible.” Falk here appears not only to be equating animals with human beings, but to be apologizing for his cartoon's insult to Jews as well as dogs.  Do these mutterings truly befit someone the UN Human Rights Council has chosen to employ as an expert on human rights? via unwatch.org

Memories of Leftist academia help me understand why so many enemies are Jewish. There is a wink wink elitism in schools. Wink wink I'm a Jewish con artist, you are a  Jew con artist... we need to save the poor because we are privileged. it really is racist bigotry, but at the same time these bad boys like each other because they both see each other as bad Jews.  I know it is hard for non Jews to understand... but it is a thugocracy... and self hating Jews see each other as the biggest thugs.  Strangely they see themselves as evil... and see their Jewish peers as evil,,, and yet they further themselves and their community who they see as necessary evils.  Ironically in this system... a lot of Gentiles who they claim to identify with are victimized and their talents are not recognized.  very ironic. The gentiles are seen as stupid pleasant natured peasants... the ideal,,, and yet they further their own rat race of leftist dirty Jews (using their language here).

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