Kenya to Burn Tons of Ivory From Poached Elephants on July.

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The Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) today announced that its Kenya-based elephant conservation partner, Save the Elephants (STE), endorses the decision by the Kenya Wildlife Service to publicly set fire to five tons of confiscated tusks and processed ivory, which were seized in Singapore in 2002. The July 20 action in Tsavo West National Park is directed toward engaging the cooperation of the nations of the world in fighting illicit trade in ivory. - PR News Wire
that is a stupid and unsustainable solution. it won't stop demand... in fact it will increase demand... and I'm sure Kenya could use money to help their people. Another example of good intentions not helping. do something for the people with confiscated ivory. do something with a spectacle that installs a sense of guilt to the populace. a museum of ivory?

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