Israel Offers Assistance, Norway Declines


Israel's foreign ministry issued a statement Saturday night, saying that Israel "expresses its shock at the revolting terror attacks in Oslo, which have taken the lives of innocent victims. Nothing at all can justify such wanton violence, and we condemn this brutal action with the utmost gravity."
The statement said that Israel would offer Norway any assistance it may require, including forensic assistance, help in evacuating the wounded and medical support.

The offer was reportedly repeated in a phone conversation that Defense Minister Ehud Barak (Atzmaut) had had with his counterparts in Norway. The Norwegians, according to a statement issued by Barak's office, thanked Israel for the offer but declined any help from the Jewish state, saying that at this time they did not need any assistance.
#Oslo imagine this is ur everyday while we cheer like u did @Israel. #Norway asks4 #Sympathy 4 #terrorism. Did it give any #2any1b4? #SHAME!

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