What another PEACE CONFERENCE? This is what happens to countries who enable Islam

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Terror blast in Oslo, massacre at political youth camp. Norway has been struck by two almost simultaneous acts of terrorism.First, an explosion rocked the city centre as the central government offices were hit at 15:30. This is right in the city centre. Security measures around the government offices have been criticized repeatedly in the last years, but then security measures always are. As of now, 21:49:Seven dead. Fifteen injured. City centre almost completely closed down. Central ring road closed. Police advise people to leave the city centre. Aftenposten reports that a Jihadist group has claimed the act.
Shortly after the blast, reports came in that a gunman was firing shots at the annual summer camp of Labor Youth at Utøya. This appears to have been a lone gunman. As of now, 21:49: Ten confirmed dead. Gunman, who appears to be of nordic appearance, is arrested. Speaks Norwegian. According to the police, the gunman at Utøya is connected to the bomb blast in the city centre. Anyone ready to blame Israel? oh Europe... you are so superior to those of us who don't like our kids being blown up. Musta been the Mossad, CIA, them Jooozzz. Or Bushhitler…..?! (AP)

Live coverage:
...but Reuters speculates the RIGHT could be responsible. When they are not speculating they talk about the reasons Muslims (they call 'em Islamists) would want to do this to people.
As such, it is likely he was ethnically Norwegian. This could indicate the involvement of a far-right group rather than an Islamist group, though it is also the case that the Labour Party would be a favourable target for Islamist groups due to its role in authorising Norwegian military deployments in Afghanistan," it said.Former congressional candidate and nanoscientist Mike Stopa notes that the warning signs were present in Norway, as noted by a Norwegian blogger earlier this year:
No one expected the barbarians to hit Norway. No one, that is, expect the people of Norway. And among those there is one woman named Hege Storhaug who anticipated it most clearly and cruelly. Her thoughts on the subject are frighteningly prescient. Storhaug begins this piece with a bit of optimism, crediting Germany’s Merkel and France’s Sarkozy with standing up to the catastrophe of multiculturalism. Europe is finally waking up to the threat posed by decades of policies which preached tolerance, yet bred the exact opposite: an intolerance by many immigrants, particularly Islamists, for the values of their new homelands. She notes however that in Norway last summer, 3000 men “many of them in long coats, ankle-high baggy pants and full beards” gathered in the same place that “Nazi thug” Vidkun Quisling gathered in the 1930′s to denounce the Jews. The Islamists last summer explicitly denounced Western Civilization and threatened a new 9/11 on Norwegian soil. Much as in Sweden, the rise of radical Islam in Norway also led to a rise in anti-Semitism and anti-Israeli sentiment, particularly among leftists who found a common cause. I suspect that nothing will be the same in Norway.

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