Iran Claims U.S. Spy Drone Shot Down Over Nuclear Facility

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Iranian Majlis Supreme National Security Council member Ali Aghazadeh Dafsari claimed that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps shot down a U.S. spy drone over the city of Qom in central Iran.
According to Dafsari, the drone was shot down near the Fordo nuclear facility.
Source: Alef (Iran), July 19, 2011.
btw... have you seen the Iranian drones?
Iran's Flying Saucer

They illustrate the article with this picture.
Looks cool!!!
...Also, surprisingly fake!
I'm bummed.
I was hoping that Iran's leaders
were getting some
alien anal probes
in exchange for the nifty flying
saucer technology.
After all, Iran has said publicly
that it shot down several
in 2009. Really.
It turns out that the actual device looks like this

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