The Norway terrorist's manifesto: Not an anti-semite, but he despises left-wing Jews and multiculturalists.

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an excerpt from Anders Behring Breivik:
...To all I know I am a moderate right-winger and not a resistance fighter. It isn’t easy to reach this level of mental comfort and focus while at the same time working on something so important and serious. You have to overcome difficult initial psychological challenges and perform a slight subsequent mental check every single day until the operation is complete.

...Learning the ability/rituals to motivate yourself and being able to follow this ritual on a daily basis is perhaps the most essential aspect of our armed resistance effort in phase 1. One of the reasons why Muslims are so effective at guerrilla warfare is that they keep themselves motivated by praying five times a day and reciting motivational Suras from the Quran

Why did Anders Breivik kill Norwegians and not Muslims?

He sets out a case against multiculturalism, Marxism and Islam that would not be out of place in many popular websites and blogs. In fact, he quotes a few of them...If there is any point in the work where he crosses the line from a political analyst to a budding terrorist, it might be where he sets out the Christian justification for a new Crusade. He writes that
"Pope Urban II and Pope Innocent III granted indulgence to all future Crusaders (martyrs of the Church)"
and that
"Crusading is not just a right, but a duty according to Canon Law."
Ironically, he uses Christianity in exactly the same way Muslims use Islam to justify terror, even using legal language - almost like a Christian version of a fatwa. Beyond that, he justifies his sins (such as visiting prostitutes) in order to keep his mood up for the upcoming attack, reasoning that the ends justify the means. more via Elder of Ziyon
My father says I'm a Jew that has the sensibility and cultural sense of Christian. I'm Pro Life and against Gay Marriage, but this Christian named Anders Behring Breivik has the sensibility of a Muslim. He even visits whores before the attack. I wouldn't indulge any labels.  Religious and political schisms are not in his psyche.  I get the feeling that many bloggers are trying to respond to accusations that the "Elder's" politics were somehow at fault. I wouldn't worry about it.  I also saw Pamela Geller tweeting about how Charles Johnson got mentioned more then she did... so therefor she is less guilty? I've never seen on any Anti-Jihad blog, any attempt to promote a violent crusade within a Western country. It is a silly time for bloggers to worry about who is more responsible... when none are.  BTW... it is a silly time to bring up LGF. I'd post this on Pamela's blog... but it just came up while I was typing this text on Elder's post that I am Reblogging.
Read More of Anders' Manifesto

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