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Al-Karama Passenger accepts food and water given to him by an IDF Navy soldier
An Al-Karama passenger accepts food and water from an Israel Navy soldier. least they took the water!
...I'm going to become a Palestinian activist just so I can try this... what a great vacation.
The below photos show the condition of Al-Karama ship passengers following the boarding of Israeli naval soldiers...
It's no secret that a portion of Israel's tourist trade comes from "Protest Tourism." From philosophy students and poetry PhD's who want a chance to visit the Holy Land, throw some rocks at a soldier and have their pictures taken with AK-47 wielding terrorists. And it's time that the Israeli tourist industry took their business seriously. So says the Sultan.
IDF Navy Soldiers Help Al-Karama Passengers board IDF Navy Vessel
Israeli naval soldier helps Al-Karama passenger board an Israel Navy vessel.
(Israel Defense Forces via IDF Spokesperson)
The Al-Karama, a ship belonging to the Free Gaza Movement’s flotilla initiative, sought to breach the maritime security blockade on the Gaza Strip. Previously, it had declared to authorities that it was headed for Egypt’s Alexandria port.
As Al-Karama approached Gaza, Israel Navy officials contacted the ship via radio, warning its captain of the blockade and offering to transfer any of the ship’s goods to Gaza by established land crossings. Following the ship’s refusal, IDF Navy soldiers peacefully boarded the Al-Karama ship without incident and offered its passengers food and water, as seen in the photos. In addition, the passengers’ health was verified by Israeli doctors.
Now that is incredible service. I can't think of a more entertaining vacation.  They should pay for it.

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