Former Egyptian president reportedly told investigators that Israel pays more for Egyptian natural gas than any other country.

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No really... Every Jew in Israel feels sodomized by Egypt.
Media_httpwwwjpostcom_sdaruThe main charge in the Egyptian government's case against Mubarak is that the price of gas set in a contract with Israel was below the market price. Prosecutors claim that the deal cost Egypt $715 million.

Israel says that this figure is based on a New York Times article, which the paper later corrected. Yosef Maiman's Merhav Group, a shareholder in Egypt's East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), which handles exports to Israel, said that Israel paid Egypt more than all its other export markets. 

Mubarak added, "The deal dates from the time of [former prime minister] Yitzhak Rabin, I can't recall the exact date. He told me in a meeting that there was a clause in the peace treaty which allowed Israel to purchase petrol from Egypt by entering a public sale alongside other buyers and indeed petrol was exported to them for some time.

"When we were in need of gas I asked him whether we could exchange the export of petrol to the export of gas through public sales too. Then Dr. Atef Ebeed became prime minister. I instructed him to enter negotiations with the Israelis regarding the export of gas and eventually the gas line was built."  Ebeed was a representative of Egyptian Intelligence, which is the body responsible for Egypt's relations with Israel.

What a bizarre world it is where a former leader has to defend himself from a peace treaty because he was too nice to Jews.

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