Syria recognizes 'Palestine' but makes it non-existent

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screen capture found it here.
The July 4, 1967 borders are the current borders (in fact, with respect to Syria, they are more than the current borders, because we gave some ground back after 1973). And that means no 'Palestinian state.' 
Carl seems to know some people who say the Arabic version says June.  They always seem to have a different version in Arabic because in the past very few Westerners could speak it. Bad move in the days of Google Translate. The Babble-fish is a bummer for third world dictators.
if only you could hold people accountable for what they say on a website when these things are always changing. I suppose they might be able to hold Syria accountable for exactly what is said out of context in the State of Washington. Hard to know because there is so little reasonable or unbiased there... everything is discretion and the extent is infinite to a judge's ego... or a facebook administrator.

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