Gaza's Darwin Award

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Unfortunately, the person who deserves the Darwin Award for this one is the one who is still alive. He managed to kill someone else instead.
A student was accidentally shot dead Sunday by her brother while celebrating her success in passing the Tawjihi high school exit exams, police said.
Fatima Al-Masdar was killed by a stray bullet during celebratory gunfire to mark the release of Tawjihi results in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
Al-Masdar had scored 95.2 percent in the tests, which prepare students for entry into universities.
In the Middle East, it is customary for men to fire gunshots into the air to celebrate wedding parties and other significant events, but Palestinian security services have repeatedly warned the public not to use weapons or fireworks during celebrations to avoid tragedies.
And you thought it's all genetic and you couldn't have a bright kid and a moron in the same family....
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