Prince Charles talks about Jewish history without once mentioning Israel

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Over 2000 words about 250 years of history of British Jewry and he didn't mention the word 'ISRAEL' once! "Moses Montefiore"; "Jerusalem"; "Holocaust victims"; "Kindertransport" ... but not one mention of Israel and what that represents for Jews in the diaspora and could have represented for those who died in the Holocaust. Not one mention of the key role that was played by British Jews and the British Government in the founding of the State of Israel, for example through the Balfour Declaration. No mention of Chaim Weizmann who spent much of his life in the UK. No mention that one of the Board's nine objectives is to "take such appropriate action as lies within its power to advance Israel's security, welfare, and standing.
By Jonathan Hoffman July 16, 2011
...the U.K. and it's behavior towards Israel makes my blood boil.

Question from commenter on israellycool:
Did the palace have a free hand in this, or was he constrained by the foreign office?
I'm getting a little tired of hearing the excuse that the British royalty were tied by "the foreign office" and therefor slighted the Jewish Republic. Are the British monarchy mice? Would that argument hold water if it was the United States he was humiliating? I find it amusing the the U.K. can find new reasons to have empathy with blood thirsty terrorists and attempt to force a state in a territory that the British Mandate itself said could not be decided outside of the mandate, but they can not recognize a Jewish state... this done by a Christian state (so don't start with any Anti Religion jive). from my comment on  israellycool

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