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Statsministeren kommer neppe til å mangle t-skjorter i sommer. Han fikk denne fra Fatah Youths Hassan Faraj og dessuten en fra Oslo AUF med påskriften "Free Palestine".
...Norwegian Prime Minister gets a T-Shirt from the Fatah Youth Hassan Faraj and also one from Oslo AUF with the inscription "Free Palestine" ...They got a taste of their own violence...


Palestinske flagg og palestinaskjerf har preget AUFs sommerleir. Det samme har dessverre forverringen av situasjonen i Gaza og Libanon.
Gry Larsen via dagbladet.no

Jens Stoltenberg cheering when he arrives at Utøya and the decision for more money to Palestine.

Here is a press release
in Norwegian
from the Utoya camp
before the shooting.
translated from
Bli Palestina Jens

Palestinian flags and Palestinian scarves marked the Labour Youth League summer camp. Before Anders Behring Breivik arrived on the scene there were violent terrorists glamorized

Stoltenberg used his speech to announce that the government has best provide another 100 million in aid to Palestine. 63 million will go through the UN, the rest through the Red Cross and other volunteer organizations....Stoltenberg also pointed out that Norway has gone further than other countries in allowing Hamas to have contact with Norwegian officials, and emphasized that the criticism against Israel weakened if they don't set clear requirements for both parties. There he [Stoltenberg] greeted the international guests and got a t-shirt with "Tear down the wall" by Hassan Faraj from the Fatah Youth. Even if Fatah and Hamas are political rivals, [Stoltenberg] believes that Norway should provide support for the new Palestinian government. Palestine had democratic elections[????]. ...and there are normal political parties in Palestine that are a resistance against occupation, said Faraj to Adresseavisen. Faraj appreciates the financial aid, and believes the Norwegian policy towards Palestine is to some extent positive. We feel that Sweden and Norway will help us more than other European countries, said Faraj.
Questioning if the Norwegian Labour Party was in Bed With the KGB is pointless, when Norway is in bed with the jihad.
Norway also funds Pal TV:
Swedish media at Juniper in the Desert

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