Roger Cohen says recognition of a Jewish state is a new idea

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The Israeli insistence on up-front recognition from the Palestinians of Israel as a “Jewish state” is absurd — a powerful indication of growing Israeli insecurities, isolation and intolerance. There was no such insistence a decade ago. 
States get recognized, not their nature, and the Palestine Liberation Organization has recognized Israel’s right to “exist in peace and security.” Palestinians are not going to elaborate on their recognition ahead of negotiations, while Netanyahu refuses to elaborate on what his vague formulation of “two states for two peoples” might actually mean.  more via
Israel is recently insecure because of international pressure? Not true there was international pressure since 1948 and if anything the pressure has become less in that Israel does have solid support in the West where there wasn't before. So how did this happen?

For the first twenty years of her existence, the United States was not Israel's staunchest ally, believe it or not, France was the Jewish state's biggest benefactor. True the US was the first country to recognize Israel after she declared independence in May 1948, but that was the strong will of Harry Truman wanting to do the right thing over the objections of an Arabist State Department (some things never change).
When Israel joined with France and Britain in 1956 to take over the Sinai and open up shipping lanes closed by the Egyptians, it was the US that forced Israel to get out, leading to a repeat of the blockade eleven years later. There was no US help in the Six Day War despite the Arab nations receiving a healthy supply of arms from the USSR. It wasn't until after the Six Day War that the US began to realize the strategic importance of Israel. The Soviets were rearming the Arab states to better than pre-war levels. Israel's air force, her first line of defense was decimated. That's when Prime Minister Levi Eshkol paid a visit to the LBJ ranch in Texas.

more about the historical moment of alliance via YID With LID: When the US and Israel REALLY became Allies-January 1968
Bibi's argument of two states for two people's is a fraud no doubt, but it is not his fraud. It is a fraud that is forced on him by those supporting Western states. There certainly is no Palestinian people and what claims to be Palestinian is not one. If the idea of a Jewish state is a new thing to ask for recognition then why did the Muslims not recognize a secular state before?

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