Poll shows Iran has lost Arab support

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The AAI poll, which included 4,000 Arabs, has showed a "strong regional support for the GCC's new and more assertive role protecting their regional interest,".
The poll has covered Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and the UAE.
As an example of the dwindling support to Iran, the percentage of Moroccans who have positive views toward Iran has dropped from 82 per cent in 2006 to 14 in 2011, and in Egypt from 89 per cent to 37. While Saudis recorded the lowest percentage of positive views towards Iran with 6 per cent, Lebanon recorded the highest percentage among the six surveyed countries with 63.
"None [of the Arabs] believe that the region would be safer if Iran became a nuclear power," was among the main conclusion of the AAI poll, which was conducted during the first three weeks of June 2011 by Zogby international.
Turkey favoured
When asked if they had to choose one nation other than Israel to be a nuclear power in the Middle East, Egypt comes in the first place followed by Turkey, which received the highest favourable ratings in most Arab countries due to its positions visa-a-vie the Arab-Israeli conflict, which Arabs praised as pro-Arab. The US received the lowest rating in every country surveyed.
"I think it is seeing Egypt playing its historic role as a leader of the Arab world," replied Zogby to a question on explaining choosing Egypt. via gulfnews.com
I don't trust Zogby at all, but I do believe there is a real threat to Arabs from Iran.

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